Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What a 'lovely' evening...

My dear blog;

This conversation still roaming in my head and because of that I feel quilty to eat more than two times a day... here goes the story:

One 'lovely' evening... we just had shushi and we walked to the parking lot across the road...

Robet: Huh, pakcik tuh mcm nak tercabut kepala dari leher tgk sini...
Aku : Dia tgk mana?
Robet: Dia tgk awak la...
Aku : (dengan nada perasan) Herph.. tapi kan wak betul la... kenapa mcm ramai org tua yang suka ngorat saya... budak muda stylo mylo, rambut emo (fesyen rambut belah tepi habis ala ala tutup mata) takde plak nak ngorat...
Robet: Mesti lah... mesti dlm hati diorg cakap "Pergh! mantap sungguh bontot janda tuh!"
Aku : ^%#%&*(^%$@! (maki dlm hati)*ala ala mulut ternganga antara percaya dgn tak percaya*

*situasi selepas itu*
Sumpah aku takmo layan borak dengan dia selama seminggu (hanya dapat bertahan selama 10 minit) Sebab dialog ini diulang - ulang cakap:

Robet: Tak laa.... tak laaa... awak chomel mcm baby... yee awak chomelll... *sambil dia senyum kelat kelat ala ala bibir senget ke tepi - hampeh!*
*sumpah aku tau itu hanyala ayat mengambil hati semata mata dan mogok cakap aku kat dia ditambah lagi 5 minit*

Makin gemuk ke aku?... dah ala mak mak ke? Hishhhh ngeri sungguh kehidupan aku skang nih... dgn itu... dgn hati yang tekad... aku akan diet dan exercise dgn sepenuh jiwa dan raga.... *post*

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Lull In Traffic...

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catch (LowLevelException le) {error;
throw (HighLevelException)error
new HighLevelException().initCause(le); // Legacy constructor

String cde = "cde";
System.out.println("abc" + cde);error
String c = "abc".substring(2,3);eoor
String d = cde.substring(1, 2);error

Monday, February 19, 2007

My today top list...

My dear blog;

5 top list (non stop play in my head)

1. Straylight Run - Your Name Here Sunrise Highway
"Your name here...
Believe me
It's not what you'd think
Wish what you want
It's all the same to me
Well, not really
But anyway
It's just- it's nothing so simple
Nothing so silly
Nothing so mundane
Go east on Sunrise Highway
Turn left at Carmen's Avenue
Go right at the first stoplight
I'll be outside waiting for you"

2. Buelah - If We Can Land on the Moon, Surely I Can Win Your Heart
"and even though
We dont show
We cast our nets
like missionaries
If we sell out..
Oh well..
Our only fan will be changing costumes..
And you'll see its much the same
So sing a song
And for applause..
We'll get up, get up"
(after a few line of lyrics)
*I like this part*
"I've been worth a ton and I've been worth
I don't need you now'
The words you write make my heart race and start then just quit
Yeah, we'll do anything that you want
I'll fight.. if you want me to fight."
3. Azure Ray - If You Fall
"And if you fall, will you get up
Stuck in a dream, will you wake up
And if you've found love will you hold on to it
And if it's cold, will you stay warm
Drift too far, will you swim towards the shore
And if you've found love will you hold on to it"
4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs -Maps
"Wait, they don't love you like i love you
Wait, they don't love you like i love you
Ma-a-a-a-ps, wait!
They don't love you like i love you...
Made off
Don't stray
My kind's your kind
I'll stay the same
Pack up
Don't stray
Oh, say say say
Oh, say say say"
5. Cat Power - He War
"never meant to be the needle that broke your back
You were here, you were here, and you were here
Don't look back
He war he war
He will kill for you
He war he war
He will kill for you
From who you can Y
ou know you can Hey hey heeeyyy
Hey hey heeeyyy
Hey hey heeeyyy
Hey hey heeeyyy
I’m not that hot new chick
And if you won’t let me run with it
We’re on to your same old trick
Get up and run away with it "
I know these are old songs... but what the heck! hahahahha

Sunday, February 18, 2007

So here's the new layout...

My dear blog;

Terasa cam hampeh bile cubicle aku jek yg nyala kat department IT nih... dari sini nampak la mamat mamat server kat dalam bilik Data Centre... herph.. nak ajak borak malas la... since I'm not a person who like to start the conversation... so... tenganga je la aku sambil monitor email yg masuk... so far takde case yang heavy so ok ok je la keje hari nih... nak buat camna.. I'm the only malay in the team... but it's ok... dapat OT... punya la bosan sampai tuka layout hahhaa... welcome to the new fara's powervision... mengong ah! *post*

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Suppose to...

My dear blog;

It's suppose to be a holiday... but I'm stuck in this lame office... suck!.... *post*

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

'V' day?

My dear blog;

An email was sent to me from an office mate...

Dress code for 14th Feb

Blue- I'm free
Green- I'm waiting
Orange- going to propose
Pink- accepted just now!!!
Black- proposal rejected
White- already booked
Yellow- broke up!!!
Gray- not interested...
Red- leave me

and I'm wearing gray today.... hahahha!

heh!... whatever... *post*

Friday, February 09, 2007

The Queen For The Day...

My dear blog;

It's my birthday today... thanks for all the smses , and thanks my dear Lia for the sweet E-card.. heheh that lil cartoon dancing really cute... and last but not least thanks for my dearest baby... heheh for calling me more than 1 time... and baby,... that stupid question that you asked give me a clue what you will give to me as a present... hahahah..... ngongok la awak nih... and happy bithday to me... may my dreams come true... I'm the queen for the day!!! yeeehaaaa!!! *post*