Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Helda suka mandi berjam jam lamanya....

My dear blog;

I'm at Helda's house waiting for her to go out for dinner... it' s almost one hour and I dun know what she's doing in the toilet.... *ergh*

I'm currently busy with my work and still practicing wake up early in the morning (6am every weekdays)... hehe believe it or not... and I guess I'm doing well so far... *smile*

I heard this rumor saying that I have problem with my girlfriends which is not true... so, keep some of your free time for something good rather than reading me and my gf's journal and asking your friend about the true story... anyway thanks for dropping by and your concern to know about our daily life stories... we really appreciate it...

I have same dreams with the same person almost everyday... I dun know why... and I've been thinking about this person lately... *ergh*

Someone lied to me or maybe not... but it's look like one... and it's really pissed me off... I dun want to know the truth... so here I am with the silent mode.... *post*