Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the truth is, i'm freaking broke... please help me to pay my bills...

my dear blog;

the status for my YM starting last night… but the funny part was... a friend of mine… and we just met one time, itupon ramai2 and we don’t chat that much… i just say hi when i arrived at the cafe and bye when i left to home… but last night he buzzed me at YM and asked me

a friend of mine : kau nak bayar bill apa?
me : kenapa? kau nak tolong bayarkan ke? *gurau kering di pagi buta*
a friend of mine : bak account number kau, aku dah bukak maybank2u nih
me : err.. sila la beli baju, jgn kasik aku segan boleh tak
a friend of mine : apa nak segan.. what comes around goes around…
me : *aku bagi account number because i have this thought that he just joke around nak buat kelaka di pagi pagi buta*

a friend of mine : ok dah transfer sila pergi bayar bill

i was speechless and i can’t explain in words… oh dear… aku mmg tak sangka…

me : kenapa kau baik sangat?
a friend of mine : pergi bayar bill kau...

terima kasih kawan… nanti kalau grobok dah bukak aku kasik kau baju ye… kira kau beli baju dari aku la jugak ok…

pengajaran : kadang2 org yg kita tak brp kenal lagi baik dari org yg kita sgt sgt kenal dan kita ingat dia sgt baik *kenyit mata*

{please help me to pay my bills}


Monday, June 28, 2010


my dear blog;

the truth is, i'm freaking broke... please help me to pay my bills...


thanking you in advance :)


Friday, June 25, 2010

green + yellow...

my dear blog;

"There is always the dream. It is that you will conquer your fears, and when it matters most you will find power you never had before." Ronaldo

yup! i never show that i have interest in football… i also not a sports channel subscriber with astro as i dun like to waste my money on the expensive pkg price... (mamak at cyber is the one who pay my sports channel now *wink*)

BUT! deep inside in my heart i’m a fan of brazil!…
go BRAZIL!! may the force be with you!!



Wednesday, June 23, 2010

if there’s a rewind button...

my dear blog;

date: 20th July 2009
i should turn the switch off from the beginning…



Saturday, June 19, 2010

just think about it...

my dear blog;

when you feel lost, just close your eyes and think about the happy moment... it's just a bliss...



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

picture o'rama..

my dear blog,

dah lama blog ni takde gamba kan?


obsolete container...

my dear blog;

{you = right click + delete}

well, it's between you and god now
i'm gonna stop asking and talking...


Thursday, June 10, 2010

in my shoes....

my dear blog;

"so you think you'd like to be in my shoes
would you like to try and walk a day in mine?"
+anouk - my shoes+

yup! just try to be in my shoes...

i dun like to nag to other people about my problems... but lies after lies been revealed... and all the stories that i've heard been told about me, i couldn't just keep quiet and let it be... i need to clean my name and stand up for myself... do you think i like to burden other people with my issues?, of course not... all this while i just kept quiet and pretend that i didn't know everything in front of you... do you know how hard i try to hide the pain?... but when it keeps coming i guess other people will do the same... just try to be in my shoes and you will know...

i know you are in the 'la la land' now... and you have other important things to think but i have mine too, other things to think... but when all the lies and stories have been revealed, i bet you will do the same... i just a human being and not a wonder woman... i dun have strong shield ...

just try to be in my shoes...


Wednesday, June 09, 2010