Tuesday, February 09, 2010

a thank you note [ll] ...

my dear blog;

yesterday was a hectic day at office, i have to work until 1.30am on my birthday night!!!... sharp at 12 midnight, i received smses full of sweet birthday wish (thanks to all *smile*) but... except from someone... the person who quiet close to me (helda, you are the 'closest' one, dun worry, you are still my number 1 ahaha!) 1.30 am, i started to pack my stuff get ready to go back, still, no sign of sms from that person... i keep looking at my phone even though i know the phone is not vibrating or ringing... so i guess there's no wish from that person... i drove to home and rejected my office mate invitation to lepak at azwath because i have no mood to celebrate at all... and Mono was the cd that i played to layan my sad feelings (sedih gile, konon layan mono nak tambah sedihla... fara emo!) 2 am, i parked my car, still no sign of sms... so, that's it, mungkin dah tido... takpe adalah tu... later, maybe... aku berjalan lesu ke pintu apartment ku (ewah!) ... bukak pintu...

*tarik napas*

an amazing moment! quite a shock! someone holding a cake and sang a birthday song, a lil bit out of tune (yeah! not a good singer! hahahah!) but cukup buat aku terharu, yang kononnya nak emo terus tak jadik! hahahahhah!... auwwww!!! you such a [s + w + e + e + t] darl!!! the unexpected one, as always...

thank you so much! eventhough to some people this is nothing but this is 'something' for me... and i will remember this as a note to myself... one of the amazing moment in my life *smile*

ingatkan nak masak masak lagi.. ahah! demand tinggi! -ed


Sunday, February 07, 2010

a thank you note...

my dear blog,

terima kasih byk2 kepada yg dtg dan membeli... sgt2 menghargai.. insyaallah bulan depan kami akan buka lagi... it was an amazing experience!... online store will be up soon... i wish i can buy time...

thanks again... :)


Thursday, February 04, 2010

bila tokey kedai dah bercakap [ll] ...

my dear blog,

hey! hey!... AGAIN! yup! sekali lagi!... we gonna open a stall at Frinjan's event... with new stocks from japan, korea and our own frens wardrobe too! (hahahha!)... pre-loved to new love, vintage to brand new, small size to plus size you name it!... from shoes to bags... and cute accessories too!...

dataran shah alam

this saturday (6th february) from 5pm - 11pm

be there or be square!... so, mark you calendar... see you there! *hugs*

nota kaki : kindly spread this around. thanks :)


Tuesday, February 02, 2010

back to the la la land...

my dear blog,

when I open my email today, at the inbox indicator shows that there’s one unread email… but when I check at the first page of the email list all has been read… ahhhh, must be spam mail… biasa nya mmg cenggitu, tetiba ada terselit selit tgh2 the outdated email… so i click at the very 1st page where the 1st email received was there… here goes the memory lane… without me realize, i started to read the email one by one… it’s starts from the happy moment until the ‘so not happy moment’… daripada ‘aku’ , ‘kau’ sampai la ke ‘the special name :)’… but yeah, all those memories had taught me what the real life is… but honestly I miss all the good things with that email sender… I hope you are doing well out there… and good luck with everything dear friend… *smile*