Thursday, May 25, 2006

When my life change...

Dear My blog;

Being jobless for one month really makes my life up side down. I feel so unproductive hahaha. I can’t imagine how’s my life will be if I still jobless for next coming 3 months. But I guess I need rest for 1 month first before I start my new life with the new job.

I played footsal last Friday (believe it or not, but I guess I fall in love with it) and I start to cook my own meal (since I have plenty of time with myself). I hope it’s only for one month. Please I need my real life back. I’m workaholic (am I?) … I just can’t stay at home doing ‘housewife’ routine thing… watch drama swasta and AF… I guess my life slowly change into that right now… Erghhhhh!!! NOOO!!! Please bring back my busy life… stay at home doing nothing is not healthy for me… Pity to Robet for paying the sundry goods for me… I owe u one dear… Don’t worry, I already sent tons of resume and attended lots of interviews and now I just wait for the feedback call… wish me luck! *post*